Selespeed Shifter

What better sequential shifter to use for virtual gaming than a real shifter? Well, here is the Selespeed sequential shifter off an Alfa Romeo 147/156.

I can't take any credit for the work as someone else did the mod for me. Basically drilled out the fasteners holding the shifter together. I don't think Alfa Romeo intended for people to open it. Inside there are 5 resistors. 4 of these were then removed and 1 replaced with a zero ohm resistor. Then put everything back together using nuts and bolts to replace those fasteners.

Chopped off the bottom of the shifter casing and made a bracket with a screw on clamp similar to the Frex one and pinched the knob from the Frex Shift+ and she's all set to go. It feels great, first impression is it's better than the Frex.

Note that there are 4 switches because the Selespeed shifter does forward and back for up and down shifts as well as push right for Neutral and right+back for Reverse. This mod only works for up, down and push right. The push right and pull back doesn't work and will just activate similar to pulling back.